Tutorial: Embroidered fabric brooch

I’ve been seeing a lot of appliquéd and embroidered clothes in the stores recently. While I love the idea, I thought it would be easier to create portable embroidery that I could add to whatever top I wanted to!


How to create an embroidered fabric brooch

What you need:

2-sided fusible interfacing
Safety pin or brooch back
Embroider thread

How to do it:

  1. Cut out a shape in whatever fabric you want. I used scraps from a lovely heavy wool that I bought at Britex Fabrics for the flower. (Here’s what else I made with that wool: A tale of two skirts and Computer sleeve.) If you use pinking shears, you don’t have to worry about fraying.
  2. Cut a slightly smaller version of the shape in the same fabric and in 2-sided fusible interfacing. You can use a heavier fabric for the backing, like felt.IMG_3889
  3. Embroider the top fabric. I used embroider floss and beads I had in my stash.IMG_3890
  4. Cut two small holes in the backing fabric and stick the safety pin through. You could use a proper brooch backing, but I like the safety pin because it lets the brooch lie flat. Make sure to test your safety pin so you don’t find out when you’re all done that the pin makes a huge hole in your clothes.IMG_3891
  5. Fuse the interfacing to the top fabric.IMG_3892
  6. Fuse the front and the back together.IMG_3893

That’s it! IMG_3894

You can even overlap your brooches.


They are very light-weight and don’t drag on your clothes.


About Inge

I'm a technical writer who loves to sew, make jewelry, and do other types of crafts.
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