Denim dress

With the left-over fabric from my denim blouse, I made a dress.


I used the same pattern as this dress. Because the denim is so thin, I added a muslin lining. I couldn’t find the right color blue muslin, so I bought white, cut out the pattern (7 pieces!), zigzagged all the edges, and then dyed it.


After zigzagging all 14 pieces for the dress, I ordered a pair of pinking shears.

Sewing the dress was super easy, even putting in the invisible zipper. I just love invisible zippers!


The hard part of this dress was the binding. I bought silk bias tape, which is beautiful, but not easy to sew on curves. First I tried sewing the silk tape around an armhole by machine. That did not look nice: very rumpled. It took several tries of sewing the tape on by hand before I got a result that looks okay.



The lining color didn’t come out the color I intended, but it’s good enough. After this lining, I got serious and bought Dharma dye. So I’ve learned a lot, even though I made this dress the second time!

The binding on the bottom was easy, because it was straight.


Of course, I didn’t forget the cell phone pocket.


The dress could have been a bit longer, but I didn’t have any more fabric left.



About Inge

I'm a technical writer who loves to sew, make jewelry, and do other types of crafts.
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