Computer sleeve

I recently got a MacBook Pro for work. I love how small and light-weight it is! I choose the smallest, lightest model. For months, I’ve been planning making a padded sleeve for it.


First, I drew around it on a piece of paper and made a pattern.


Second, I made a test sleeve out of three layers of felt and tested the fit.


Finally, I made the sleeve out of left-over navy boiled wool and black velvet. The velvet is nice and slippery and makes it easy to get my computer in and out.


I originally put a layer of batting in it, but it was too floppy, so I added a layer of felt as well. It has enough room for the power cord and adapters.

It closes with velcro (the button is just decoration). I really, really wanted to use a magnetic closure, but I reminded myself about a hundred times that magnets are not good for computer hard drives.

It looks great in my lovely Everlane backpack!


Well, at least it’s original!



About Inge

I'm a technical writer who loves to sew, make jewelry, and do other types of crafts.
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