A tale of two skirts

I recently made two skirts from the same pattern. It’s a narrow skirt that I’ve made before. I actually created the pattern myself, based on a couple skirts that I bought and some patterns I already had. But this time I added a pocket, for my cell phone, of course!

Even though the pattern is the same, these skirts are quite different, because the fabrics are so different.

This skirt is made of Japanese cotton fabric that I bought at a quilt store.


I love the wavy lines! Plus, the fabric is a little thicker than regular cotton. And it’s nubby! Yes, I made the pocket fabric go the other way on purpose.

I lined it with gray lining fabric.


This skirt is made from navy boiled wool. It’s really marvelous fabric, very soft, and thick without being stiff. I found some fun trim to put on the bottom and on the pocket.


I lined it with a rayon fabric.


Here’s what it looks like. My dog needed to be included…


About Inge

I'm a technical writer who loves to sew, make jewelry, and do other types of crafts.
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